haiti- days 10-13ish.

I’m feeling about 80% better after a rough 48 hours of, well… things that you don’t really blog about. And so now I’m back in the saddle, although a bit tired and without an appetite. Hopefully I’ll be back to 100% after another night of rest.

We’ve made some serious progress on a number fronts over the past few days, the most significant of which has been a partnership with Shelterbox to provide at least 30 units (large, durable tents with a hygiene kit, blankets and other household items) to our people. Earlier this evening we set up the Shelterbox for a mother who had a baby yesterday and is now living in the tent village beside our house. The fact that she has some kind of shelter makes all the hours of frustration, waiting and running around worthwhile.

On the food front we’ve got a shipment coming in from Dominican in the next few days- although there might be some customs issues that we’re coming against as Haiti begins to tighten its borders. The goal over the next week or two is going to be to procure all other shipments from Haitian providers as it should be cheaper and would obviously be better for the Haitian economy.

The truck issue has been decided once and for all as two members of our team are going to DR to purchase something like a Toyota LandCruiser. We checked at the Haiti dealer to get an idea of pricing and availability and they were sold out for the next four months. So DR it is.

I’m beginning to try and plan for coming back to Canada sometime late next week but it seems like there is still so much to do and so many systems to put in place and so many people to talk to and so much to do. And for someone who thrives on accomplishing those kind of things with the hope of looking back and saying ‘yes, i accomplished this’, I kind of feel like it’s getting to crunch time for more and better results. Of course, a good friend reminded me just today “every time you look people in the eye, and acknowledge dignity in others, and pray for favor you are accomplishing things”.

It’s true. I just need to do what I can when I can and trust that Jesus is still here and knows what’s going on. I can do that.


3 Responses to haiti- days 10-13ish.

  1. Man Lewis.

    We are glad to know that God is working in Haiti. Thanks for sharing your ministry.

  2. The Brockwell's says:

    Hi Chris.
    We were talking to your dad at the super bowl at church. He was telling us that you were sick. Glad to see that your feeling much better. The Lord is really using you in a special way. When you get home we would love to hear all about your time in Haiti.
    We’re praying for you and your team.
    Marilyn d& Chuck

  3. Aunt Sharon says:

    Hey Chris, I’m glad you’re feeling better, I must admit I was a bit…okay, a lot worried for you. We prayed for you in our SS class. God answered!

    What an experience you must be having! To be there and see everything, will give you much to tell about when you get home. You are accomplishing a lot, I know you, you have a heart for this and by the time you come home, I hope you feel fulfilled in that you did reach out to the poor and give them a “cup of water” in Jesus name!

    Looking forward to seeing you and hearing some stories, seeing some pictures too maybe?? Oh yeah and congratulations, Uncle Chris…again! Once you get back I’m having a birthday party for Jack, I hope you will come.

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