Why I no longer think Apple is awesome

Recently the fine people at Apple screwed me over by locking my unlocked phone. This did not impress me. Apple market’s themselves as young, hip, progressive and open to new ideas but really – they want to control everything that you’ve purchased from them. It doesn’t matter that YOU purchased it. In any case, like thousands of people around the world (seriously…google it) I updated my phone one day and got locked out, rendering my phone useless… unless I switched my cell phone provider to Rogers. Why should Apple be able to tell me who my cell phone provider is? I will never go back to Rogers… so that’s not happening. What to do?

Welcome to the wonderful world of online bartering. Via kijiji I’ve been receiving a bunch of offers to trade my phone for Telus iphones (my provider) or new Androids. I’m leaning towards the Android if I can find the right trade but darn it all… if the iphone apps are just about the most alluring reasons to stay. I just have to remind myself that there probably exists a better version of the app for Android.


2 Responses to Why I no longer think Apple is awesome

  1. C.D.C. says:


    Android; very exciting. Open source & based on the most recent Linux kernels. It is the talk of the town.

  2. Dan says:

    The Milestone is the Android phone you want (sold in the US as the Droid).

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